Time is an abstract concept; we can’t see time, but it does have a big influence on our lives. We can’t escape time. At some point time flies by and we try to stop it, because we don’t want the moment to pass. The next moment there seems to be no end and we get bored. But what is time? What do we do with our time? Can we get a grip on time or does time have a grip on us?


Most people see time as a linear concept, where there’s a beginning (past) and an end (future) with the present in between. This concept can be found in our calendars and the way we teach our children about history. On the other hand there’s the circular concept of time or cyclical time in which time is a repeating process; it never stops. This view on time can be found in our clocks.


A clock gives us structure. A structure that I use in my drawings, in lines I organize the time that passes by; the lines I draw are a documentation of time. Although every minute and every hour seems the same when looking at a clock, we don’t always see or feel time like that. The minutes and hours that I draw are never the same; no drawing is ever the same.




PS All drawings are made with Indian Ink.

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